RFID Reader: The Lamp Of Wisdom The Effective Use Of

Using RFID reader technologies developed the "lamp of wisdom", in addition to the lighting function, also can be treated as electric piles, testing environment, urban features such as WIFI micro base station. In addition, RFID tags are loaded "lamp of wisdom", can be used as traffic lights, road signs, function development high.
Simply download the APP, if road happens to someone lying unconscious, you will be able to help by a key on the device button to admin platform staff for help, not only can video call and platform staff, including location and monitor the contents of help information will be sent directly to the management platform to quickly rescue. In addition, the APP also offers the nearest post, time to charge and pay through PayPal, prepaid card and other means.
Hui light poles but also based on needs in the future, further loads RFID electronic tags, parking meters, traffic lights, road signs, parking signs, and even networked modules such as car information screen, with a high degree of functional scalability.