RFID Reader: Tobacco Industry Turnover Box Use

The tobacco industry has to be manually operated, and a waste of human and prone to error. If using the RFID reader technology to manage the tobacco industry will be even more convenient.
Tobacco logistics system is the most advanced in the field of logistics 80% logistics of packing plastic crates have been used. Plastic crates have obvious advantages: light and easy to carry, foldable, easy to store, to tray operation, loading and high efficiency; protection and anti-theft, anti-cigarette changed; installed smoke faster, improved sorting speed; recycling and long life, long-term use and low cost. Logistics container as a cost-effective alternative to cardboard boxes and plastic film packaging, but the lack of real-time monitoring of containers in circulation, there is a crate is lost, recovery problems beyond their control, leading to low turnover and inventories. RFID labeling crates, crates as the basic unit of logistics of the identification, automatic data collection. Variety of data acquisition and integration of applications, through a wired/wireless communications, smart, smart handheld mobile terminal, open identity channel machines, automatic labeling machine reading and writing devices for data collection and upload. Complete inventory management, storage automatic correction of container inventory, improve the working efficiency.
Using RFID tags container, effective control of the recycling of the containers to avoid loss, information sharing, reduce labor links, save time by statistics, data analysis, data needed to provide management, to provide decision makers with reliable data.