Smart Card Reader Products

Is RF IDeas AIR ID reader of contactless smart cards, can read and write, code and application development. AIR ID Enroll contactless smart card reader no longer requires manual entry can provide correct identification. Almost all the 13.56 MHz contactless/proximity card/sensor label sensor identification card compatible.
The reader allows the user to use the building access cards or other induction of 13.56 MHz tags for other forms of identification, allowing users to quickly configure their output.
As registration card or ID identity card reader/Tester, USB mode to emulate a keyboard, card data as a key input to the pointer position on the screen. Before and after the induction card data by pressing the configured reader.
It can be used in standalone systems, or use the software development kit (SDK) to integrate with other software applications. As an integrated reader and its application in: computer/LAN access system, single sign on, card registration, visitor management, point of sale, time, user identification, seminars and so on.