Smart Cards Have Numerous Applications

                                                                         Smart card credentials go way beyond a simple swipe.

A college campus is a perfect example to illustrate how smart credentials go far beyond traditional identification cards. In addition to individual profile information, they can provide students with secure access to everything from residence halls, recreation facilities and computer networks to safe methods of payment in eateries and vending machines.

For instance, in the laundry room in college dorms, smart cards or smart phones can be used to automate the washers and dryers, eliminating the need for a cash box, increasing convenience and reducing the threat of theft. Some credential options even allow individuals to use their cards for access to academic information and personal documents.

Let’s summarize and list the various applications that the shrewd campus security administrator can consider for smart credential implementation:

Physical credential administration

Visitor management administration

Provisioning or access privileges assigned

De-provisioning or access privileges revoked

Segregation of duties

Parking permit administration

Property pass administration

Compliance/governance reporting and auditing

System troubleshooting and maintenance

Alarm correlation and response

Emergency communication and notification

Video analytics applications (people counting, behavior tracking, etc.)


Time and attendance

Logical access

Supplies check-out verification

Charge privileges at various locations, including the cafeteria

Document printing

Biometric template storage

Let’s also not forget the building management system. If the access control system notes that someone is in a specific part of the building, the air conditioning and lighting can be activated. Once that person leaves, either the access control or video system could automatically tell the building management to turn those systems off. This can save money and resources, a potential green solution that would be helpful in meeting smart building requirements.