The Card Dispenser how it works?

Today, we will introduce the card dispenser CRT-591-Q how it works.

At first,the card manager should install the card stacker inside the kiosk,then card dispenser will issue all cards by reading and transfer to the specific position inside the wheel.there're totally 10 wheels can hold totally 2000pcs of ID card for 2000 users.

card dispenser CRT-591-Q

The user only need to go to a 24 hours service kiosk and input his ID NO.then this machine will spinning the wheel and moving the removable reading unit up and down to select the specific ID card and issue the card to user .

while others are still waiting in a long queue,try to receive their new ID card sonner,the Creator random registered card dispenser have handled lots of users with a 24 hours self-service kiosk.

Creator new card dispenser to save time of user and working staff to enable your new kiosk solution.