The Latest RFID Card Reader CRT-603-800X

CREATOR  has announced to release the latest  RFID card reader product  CRT-603-800X .


What's the RFID card reader main features and functions?

Support PCSC interface and standard CCID interface.

Support USB interface of ID card encryption and decryption module of Minstry of Public Security.

Stable performance and high reliability of card reading.

Support all kinds of mobile PAY,Android PAY.

Support second gengeration ID card,foreigner permanent residence card,HongKong/Macao and Taiwan Residence card reading. 

Support extension of fingerprint acquisition module conforms to GA/T1011 of Ministry of Public Security.

USB 2.0 full speed device,USB power supply.

Support on-line IAP.

EMV & PBOC certificate. 

ID card function conforms to GA-450.GA-467 certification of Ministry.

Linux Android Windows.

Support Linux,Android Windows system.