What Are The Key Features Of RFID Card Dispenser CRT-591-H ?

1. Unique design on the card, can accurate distribution of magnetic card, IC card, RF card

2. To achieve the minimum size of for issuing card, R/W IC card and RF card, recycling card functions, effectively save space for the cabinet.

3. The design of the back end of the loop, easy card management.

4. Belt drive design scientific, more stable, more reliable, and the shield can automatically avoid dust accumulation caused by blocking phenomenon.

5. Product appearance is small, should be installed, can be applied to a variety of occasions.

6. Has the back card box full, the card box is empty, the card box is empty, the card position and so on many group of sensor detection, can accurately determine the card's position and the card status prompt function.

7. Stainless steel channel, more can guarantee the smooth passage.

8. Multi-level sensor circuit to prevent the interference of light on the sensor

9. Optional PCSC protocol reader