What Is A Card Reader

A card reader is a data input device that reads data from a card-shaped storage medium. Card readers can be divided into contact and contactless IC card readers and remote readers according to different types of cards. The contact IC card follows the ISO7816 standard interface, while contactless IC card follows ISO14443 standard interface. And remote readers follow ETC GB20851 standard interface. 

card reader

Memory card's interfaces are not uniform. The main memory cards types include CF card, SD card, MiniSD card, SM card, 

Card reader is a hardware device that lets you read and transfer data from various portable memory storage devices. It can be a standalone device that connects to a computer via USB or it may be integrated into a computer, or multifunction device. Commercial versions of the card reader can read security smart cards. Most card readers accept multiple memory cards formats, including Compact Flash and Secure Digital. Besides, most multifunction printer/scanner/copiers now have built-in card readers, thus you can take the advantages of printers to print photos. 

Some card readers can only access one kind of memory card while some memory cards integrated the functionality of card readers. Therefore, as long as you insert this kind of memory card in the USB port, computer can directly access its data.