Smart card reader, also known as smart card terminal, such as point of sale terminal, credit card terminal, it is a device that can be operated with smart cards to obtain card information and perform a transaction.

Smartcard reader types

Depending on the types of smart card, smart card readers can be divided into contact, contactless, dual interface card reader. 


Typically, a reader interfaces with a PC for the majority of its processing requirements. The main means of communication with a USB port, smart card readers with RS232 interface still has a certain number of users.

Contact & contactless smart card reader

Contact reader basically followed ISO7816 international standard and the contactless card reader followed ISO14443 interface standard.


The contact smart card reader requires a physical connection with the cards, such as inserting the card into the reader. There are many applications use this common reader type such as ATM, ID and Stored Value. There two main features of this reader type: one is secure because of its card-to-reader communication, the often supported standard of this type is ISO 7818 T=0; The other advantage is speed, some can be up to 848kbps, such as this Smart Card Reader CREATOR CRT-288-K.